13. Fluid: Drip Drop

After seeing that the directive for this week was Fluid, this was the first thing that came to my mind, no real story behind this one, just a neat little play on the eyes that I thought everyone would enjoy.

Work included creation of concept, Photography of both images ( took many tries to get the right splash & drop that I saw in my head), then finally a little image manipulation in photoshop.


0 thoughts on “13. Fluid: Drip Drop

  1. felishaa says:

    Hi – just wanted to leave a quick comment to introduce myself. I’m doing an independent study with Scott, so I’m going to be giving you feedback on your blog throughout the semester. I’ll be checking in every couple of weeks to see how you’re progressing & helping you with your ideas.

    13 -This is awesome, I really like your photoshop skills! Just remember to write a little more in the notation section. How about turning this photo into a print ad to spice it up? It definitely has the look of one.

    12 – Hilarious, I love it. I can tell this took 45 minutes of work + it’s fun to look at. Keep it up!

    11 – One again, this is a neat idea! You’re doing an awesome job visually – you won’t believe how many good ideas people have but can’t display them properly.

    10 – This is really well done, you went above & beyond what was needed. You could start an entire campaign directed towards just Kleenex boosting someone’s confidence!

    9 – Refreshing image, however – try thinking outside of the box with repeating images. Looking at your classmates blogs will be a huge help!

    7 – Very cute, but remember the 45 minutes of work requirement! Ideas like this are good – but sometimes just adding a sweet poem under if help fill the requirements!

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