25. Omission: NOKUPS


After one science class at 1st class Wake County Middle School, in Wake County, NC, did not have Kleenex present in the class room, one parents went crazy.  Sally McNugget, parent of Brock McNugget lost it after the classroom did not have Kleenex when Brock had a bloody nose.  Wake County Middle is known for its outstanding academics and treatment of students and Mrs. McNugget is taking full action in making sure the school lives up to these standards and never omits Kleenex again.  She then Created NOKUPS  ( National Organization of Kleenex Use in Public School.)

Since the creation of NOKUPS, Wake County has made sure there are always Kleenex present.

WTG Hardcore Mom Sally McNugget!

Work included concepting, making logo thing, researching schools, uploading, and writing shpeal.


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