29.Shock: Electric Kleenex Trial

Year 2024.

Electronic Kleenex dispensers had become mainstream and they were very common.

Alfred was using an electric Kleenex dispenser one day and he had a great idea. Fake getting shocked to get money.

He stormed away from the machine screaming as loud as he could cursing the “horrible” machine.

He sewed the Kleenex dispensing company for his shocking incident.

Newspaper headlines the next day, “Kleenex Machine Malfunction Shocks Man”

Man starts national trial against company.

Many Trials try to recreate how man could have been shocked.

Shocking results reveal that the it was impossible for Alfredo to be shocked.

Newspaper headlines “Man Lied about Kleenex Shock, Trial Reversed”

New trial goes in favor of Kleenex dispensing company.

Man outlawed from using Kleenex and serves jail time for lying in court.


Moral, don’t start a false trial.


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