30.Shock: PIK-ACHOO!


Pikachu was having an extremely rough week, he wanted to go out and play with all of his other Pokemon friends, but they were all really upset with Pikachu.  They were upset with Pikachu because Pikachu kept shocking all of his friends, but Pikachu didn’t mean to shock all of his friends.  Pikachu had fallen ill to the common cold, but we Pikachu catches the common cold it is a really big deal.  Everytime Pikachu sneezes “PIK-ACHOO” he shocks the closest person to him.  This has made Pikachu become very depressed, he doesn’t want to shock his friends, there must be a cure! Pikachu had never blown his nose, he thought it was nonsense and always decided to be one of those annoying snifflers.  One day Pikachu’s good friend Profressor Oak had had enough, he started a mission to find the cure to Pikachu’s random sneeze shocking.  Pikachu still wasn’t blowing his nose.  Years went by and Pikachu still had to hideaway when he was sick so that he didn’t shock his friends, this sent Pikachu into a mass depression, so much that his snot had become uncontrollable, Pikachu finally blew his nose. A miracle had happened, after blowing his nose with a Kleenex, Pikachu realized that the shocks stopped when he sneezed, he could finally be around his friends without shocking them.


Work included concepting, creating PIK-ACHOO cartoon, writing story, and uploading.


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