46. Social : Handout

One late night at the compass I decided to perform a Kleenex social experiment.

You know those crazy people that are always handing out flyers?

Well I wanted to see if people would grab free Kleenex if offered to them.

The results were very…strange.

Of the 87 people that were offered the Kleenex, only 6 actually grabbed one.

Below is a photo of my friend steven handing out the Kleenex.

I was going to wait until 100 people passed by to start the test, but by 87 a campus cop had showed up because of complaints of flashing (my camera) in the compass, so we called it a night and stopped at 87.

Only about 6.9% of the people offered free Kleenex actually took one.

Work included: concepting, taking photos, gathering data, editing, uploading and writing.


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