48. Progressive : Caveman

The human race has come a long way.

Have you ever thought of what the human race used to use to blow their nose before Kleenex? Over even Hankerchiefs?

One of my guesses is that they used to use plants.

When using plants to blow your nose, many bad things could happen, such as using poison ivy.

Luckily now that we have Kleenex we do no have to worry about these problems.

Below is a cartoon of a caveman using a plant to blow his nose.

Humans have progressed so much.

I am not the most artistic person when it comes to pencil and paper, so I got some help.

My friend chris drew the sketch.

I then took a picture of his drawing and colored it on photoshop for the final product!


Work included: Concepting, helping chris decided what exactly he was going to sketch, taking the picture, coloring in the sketch, uploading and writing.


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